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Donia Jornod was born with the premises of the internet. She currently lives and works in Zürich. Her work focuses on the perceptible limits of reality through the human body. She is in search of the moment in which, a mental image, a memory disintegrate and deform and realities superimpose. Working with both digital and physical mediums, she has developed a fascination for the body that she understands as an echo of a political state.



~15–23.12.2022 – BEST OF 2022, Visarte Zürich, Photobastei, Zürich

~11.2022 – contribution in the new stratum of ALIENOCENE

~18.11.2022 – discussion with Anna MacIver-Ek and Axel Chevroulet at Centre Dürrenmatt Neuchâtel with Visarte Neuchâtel

*past solo and group exhibitions>>>>>>

~group show 'internal Clocks' at culterim gallery– Berlin
~duo show with Jakob F. Rieder – @ Nomadic Art Space – Olten
~AM PULS DER ZEIT – @ Art und Weise – Bern
~Rhizom festival – Zürich, an an installation in collaboration with Jeremy Ratib
~holographic nature, solo show, kabinett visarte, ZH
~reality is not, group show, at UNI, Zürich
~Have you reached the end of your known world, U_O, Zürich
~ANIMA, covideo second wave
~sketches, Area Manca, Zürich
~Anatomie einer Konversation, Neubühl Experiment Haus, Zürich
~fields of entanglement, Sihlhalle, Zürich
~L’Entre–Monde, solo exhibition, EPFL, Lausanne
~Dream density, Dynamo, Zürich
~installation with ABRÜPT at EDHEA, Sierre
~residency and group show at Bocto, Versegères
~Crooked time, solo exhibition, Kulturfolger, Zürich
~En attendant l’imprévu, solo exhibition, Forêt 11, Lausanne

Member of la-clique
Member of VISARTE Zürich
Member of the digital art collective Cyberpoétique

~group show “reality is not”, at UNI, ZH
~“canvas on wheels series” with U_O

~mara, étienne michelet, abrüpt édition, 2021
~interférences, abrüpt édition,2019
~fanzine Cri, abrüpt éditions, 2019
~le monument infini, dimension ruine,abrüpt éditions, 2018

~Études pour une disparition par Étienne Michelet
~L’Entre–monde, EPFL magazine

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